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Single-face Hand-Drawn Portrait from photo: 
Other sizes available upon request.
8x10:      $140
11x14:    $175
20x24:    $230

Single Canvas Acrylic Painting:
Other sizes available upon request.
4x6:        $30
5x5:        $30
5x7:        $55
8x10:      $100
10x10:    $115
11x14:    $150
14x14:    $180
16x20:    $220
18x24:    $250

Triptych Canvas Acrylic Painting: 
Other sizes available upon request.
5x5:        $90
10x10:    $140
14x14:    $200

Wall Murals:
Because of the wide variety of murals that can be done, please e-mail me with a description--OR even better, a picture of something like what you want and I will send you the estimate or set cost. 

  Please contact me for pricing and other info. 

Art Lessons:
Costs as seen below but if you come to me with more than one student for lessons, I will reduce cost by $5 for each student, each lesson. 
1-hour lesson
     Ages 6-11:   $20
     Ages 12-16: $30
     Ages 17+:    $25
1/2-hour lesson
     Ages 6-11:   $15

     Ages 12-16: $20
     Ages 17+:    $18

Frequently Asked Questions:
If your question(s) are not answered below, please please please don't hesitate to e-mail me! I love answering questions to help you get beautiful art for your home!

I see you've done a painting of pink colored blossoms or a certain kind of birds but I want something different; can you do that for me and how can I find out?
-Yes Yes Yes!!! I LOVE doing custom paintings! All of the blossom paintings (in particular) were done based on my client's requests for color, size and type of bird. 
Just shoot me an email with your specifications and I will respond, usually within a few hours. If not, within a day. 
-Maybe you do want something different but you don't know what would look good etc. Again, I LOVE helping with this! If you just give me a couple things to go on...For Example: what room do you plan to hang it in? what are the decor colors?
*I will do everything I can to come up with a painting that will work with what you already have OR come up with a painting that will really stand out and be a focal point for a room.
Do you do portrait paintings?
-No, I don't. I know what things I am talented at and, unfortunately, I've never mastered painting people. Maybe one day but not for now! Sorry!
Do you do gallery wrapped paintings?
-Yes, I do! That is my favorite way to finish off a painting because it gives my customers options. They can have it framed or, if money is an issue, it is ready to hang as-is and does not require framing! This saves a lot of money! 
The standard frames I use are 1/2 inch to 1 inch thick. If you want a deeper canvas, it may require an extra fee for me to be able to purchase a deeper more expensive canvas but again, this will be a fraction of what framing would cost you!

Will you do a multiple face portrait?
-This depends on two things. How many are we talking about? and How good is your original photo?
I usually will not do more than two faces per portrait. Yes, I have done drawings with three before but they are few and far between.
Why not? There are several factors. On my end, if I get through the first/second/third face and then the final face just won't turn out right or something goes wrong anywhere along the line, it ruins the entire thing. Portrait drawings take hours of time and in order to keep my costs reasonable, I set boundaries.
If you really want multiple faces drawn, I suggest getting separate drawings done and you can have them framed into a large multi-opening mat in a large frame. It's a lovely way to display children/family portraits! I will give a discount if multiple drawings are commissioned.

How do payments work? 
-Any order over $100 requires a $50 deposit at the time of order (in other words, I cannot start your artwork until I receive this deposit). 
-The total amount is due at the time you approve the artwork (I will e-mail you a photo of the completed piece). If a deposit was made, that amount goes toward your final cost. Once the money has come through, I will mail or give you your completed artwork! 
-I take personal checks (must be given or mailed to me and cleared before I will release/mail the artwork.) cash (if in person. -I don't want cash getting lost in the mail!) or PayPal.
Do you ever do discounts?
-YES!!! If you order 2+ pieces of artwork at one time. The more you order, the more I'll discount.
-Occasionally I'll have already finished paintings and I will sell them at a discounted rate since they are not custom to the buyer. 

What are Art Lessons like?   What if my child is only interested in drawing or only interested in painting etc? 
-I work with students on acrylics, watercolors, chalk, oil pastel, charcoal and pencil. I like to base my lessons on the skill of the student and on their interests. If they are coming as a single student, we will discuss what things they are interested in and I plan accordingly. If they only want to paint, we will only paint. If they don't care, then we'll take a little time with everything. Then, if/when they determine which ones they enjoy most, we will focus more on those mediums. 
-Students must have a basic sketch book, drawing pencil(s) and eraser. The older/more advanced the student is, the more supplies they might need but I do try to supply as much of my own medium as possible. 
-Lessons will be different based on the age of the student(s). Younger children will be doing quicker practices and projects. With older students I will spend longer on each project and lesson. Often, we will talk about a certain principle of art (ie: pattern, line, color etc) and then do a project based on that principle. 
-I teach these lessons out of my home, normally. This is easiest because I have all the supplies necessary there. But in some cases, I will go to the student's home to teach. If the student is only interested in drawing, I can meet the student at a library or other public place if desired.

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